Award Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a Nomination

Who may nominate?

You, your principal, anyone, State/Province Associations, and Issues Groups may make nominations.

Who is eligible?

AAEA members who meet the established criteria are eligible to be nominated for awards. However, membership is not required for the Distinguished Service Outside the Profession and COMC J. Eugene Grigsby, Jr. Awards. 

What do I need to submit a nomination?
  1. A written letter of recommendation/nomination that expresses why or how an individual should be recognized with an AAEA Award (saved as a PDF file and submitted through our online form).
  2. Complete the Award Nomination Form online before June 30th
What does a Nominee need to provide?
  1. Two letters of recommendation (in addition to the letter submitted by the nominator).
  2. A high resolution (300 dpi) publication-quality photo.
  3. Complete the  Award Nominee Information Form online (includes AAEA standardized Vita Form) before July 31st.
What is the deadline for nominations?

Nominations must be submitted before June 30th.

Nominees must submit their required documents before July 31st.

Where should I send nominations?

Nominations are submitted through our Award Nomination Form online and must include all required documents.

Do I need to submit all required documents together?

All required nomination documents are submitted through the Award Nomination Form online.

Who should write nomination and support letters?

The AAEA member who is making the nomination must write letters of nomination. Letters supporting the nomination can be written by AAEA members, as well as non-members.

What are AAEA Divisions?

The Arizona Art Education Association is divided into six job-alike categories called Divisions: Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary, Higher Education, Supervision/Administration, and Museum Education. Division award nominees must spend at least 51% of their workday in the job division in which they have been nominated. 

How are awards selected?

The AAEA membership and awards committee chairs verify that all nominees are eligible and that their nomination information is complete.  A selection committee using a standardized rubric scores nominations. Results are reported to the AAEA President.

Please Note: If no nominees meet the criteria for a specific award, a recipient will not be selected. 

When are awards presented?

Awards are presented in the Fall at the AAEA Annual State Conference.

How are awards publicized?

A press release announcing the selection of each award may be sent by AAEA to two employers, media outlets, or school administrators of the recipient’s choosing. All Award recipients are announced in the AAEA News as well as on the AAEA website.

Who do I contact with my questions? 

Contact the AAEA Awards Chair at